Meet Our Team


Norm Dick

President, Executive Director

Norm is a retired lawyer and landowner with a deep passion for conservation. He wants to preserve the natural beauty of his community's environment, and help address climate change at the same time. His lifetime of experience and dedication to actionable truth makes him the perfect leader for The Carbon Capture Foundation. As co-founder and President of the foundation, Norm spearheads the hard work of turning a seedling organization into a large scale carbon sink.


Larson Dick

Co-Founder, Director

Larson is a cannabis, hemp and renewable energy executive consultant with a passion for addressing climate change through a distributed, multi-faceted approach. He understands the magnitude of the climate change issue, and seeks to create innovative pathways towards large scale carbon capture and offset. As inceptor and co-founding board member of the organization, Larson provides forward-looking vision, general organization development, charitable program development and other critical executive services.